Jamie Schroeter
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Ginkgo Mobile App

Ginkgo is an app developed by myself and two others to help users manage the care of a loved one. By sending a journal note, therapists and family members can quickly stay updated and communicate with each other - whether they reside locally or are scattered throughout the country. With Ginkgo, it's easy to link up each other's schedules to make planning a doctor's appointment effortless. The app has many other features such as logging the type of medication your loved one is on and providing a list of medical professional contacts involved in the care of your family member.
After logging in, users can set up several accounts to manage the care of many different family members. By clicking a family member button, the app will populate with that person's data. Therefore, it is easy to keep information separate and stay organized!
Ginkgo was developed for iPhone and Andriod by writing JavaScript code in a program called Appcelerator Titanium.

We are proud to say Ginkgo won Best Mobile App at the UWM Design Entrepreneur Showcase this past December and continues to get recognition. Ginkgo is currently in the prototype stage and is evolving every day!