Jamie Schroeter
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Website Mockups

Web Interface Re-design Project
I created this web mockup in Photoshop CS6 for an assignment in my Electronic Publishing & Web Design class. We were presented with a nightmare webpage and had to propose a possible solution for a new web interface. All of the content from the nightmare page had to be used in the new design proposal.

I chose to go with a simple, yet clean interface, so the user is focused on the most important information - the upcoming "Music and Fire" event. I went with the color purple, because that is what I envisioned as the school colors for the hypothetical Hudson High School.

This web mockup, also created in Photoshop CS6, is an alternative user interface design for the nightmare webpage project from above. This time, I used the title "Music and Fire" as inspiration for the design. I picked a red background to hint at the idea of fire, and chose a background with jagged edges to convey the essence of loud piercing music coming from a brass instrument.
MARVC Web Design Proposal
I did the next set of mockups for a client, through my company Red Sky Technologies. They are an organization called MARVC, which is a student veteran's association for UWM, MATC, and Marquette.

MARVC has an upcoming Military Ball, and so this website will be for guests to receive information about the ball and register for it, as well as donate to the organization.

The user interface mockup uses patriotic colors in attempt to capture the spirit of the organization. In addition, the background of the interface mockup has hints of an American Flag. The stars are kept light so the text of the interface can remain the primary focus.
In order for MARVC supporters to donate, we will be using the Pay Pal API within their website. This mockup shows a proposal for how Pay Pal donating will stay consistent with the theme of the organization and website.